Komodo CaCO3 Terrain (White)

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Replicate the white sands of the desert in your reptile vivarium using this Komdo CaCO3 Terrain (White) substrate. 100% calcium carbonate, it is the substrate of choice for bearded dragon owners who want a sand base, but have fears about impaction.


  • CaCO3 Terrain 4kg - White
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Product Information

The Komodo CaCO3 Terrain is an ideal subsrate for desert reptiles. It is safe to ingest and reduces mite infestation.

It is made from 100% calcium carbonate sand.

It is highly recommended for bearded dragons, uromastyxs, monitor lizards and other desert species that like to dig in the sand.

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Komodo CaCO3 Terrain 4kg - White 4kg White

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