Komodo Chameleon Dusting Powder

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Ensure your chameleon is getting the best diet possible by dusting their livefood with Komodo Chameleon Dusting Powder - a vitamin and mineral rich mixture designed to ensure they get everything they need to live happy, healthy lives in your care.


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Product Information

As balanced as your chameleon's diet might appear, without the help of supplements like this Komodo Chameleon Dusting Powder, your colourful friend can easily develop vitamin and mineral deficiencies, especially Metabolic Bone Disease from lack of calcium.

Komodo Chameleon Dusting Powder gives you the easy way to complete your reptile's diet - simple dust their livefood insects with this nutritious powder, allowing the nutrients to be ingested with their normal feed.

It contains plenty of Vitamin A, D3 and Vitamin E, sourced from natural ingredients such as kelp, marigold and Spirulina, making this a more natural, but every so essential food supplement for health.

At a glance:

  • Part of a complete holistic diet
  • Dust on livefood
  • Perfect for chameleons
  • Natural ingredients
  • Contains vitamins and calcium

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    Date 02/07/2018 08:07am
    Komodo Chameleon Dusting Powder - 75g
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    Seems pretty good.. specially formulated for the animal intended. Early days though
  • Rating
    Date 11/01/2018 15:01pm
    Komodo Chameleon Dusting Powder - 75g
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    great products as expected