Komodo Comores Hanging Vine

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Komodo Comores Hanging Vines look just like the real thing you might find your reptile's wild cousins hanging from in the jungle, but in fact they are artificial, and require no upkeep at all. Just place them where you want in your terrarium to give your little friends a great place to climb.


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Product Information

The Komodo Comores Hanging Vine is a realistic silk vine that provides cover and climbing space. They come with strong suckers for easy fixing.


The Komodo Comores Hanging Vine will look perfect in a jungle environment and reptiles like chameleons, crested geckos and iguanas will love it.

Snakes and other creatures who enjoy a woodland environment with plenty of hiding places will also enjoy the Comores vine.

These vines would be perfect inside the Komodo terrariums.

At a glance:

  • Perfect for jungle environment
  • Comes with strong suckers
  • Realistic silk
  • Easy clean
  • Perfect for geckos and snakes

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