Komodo Cricket Dust

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Komodo Cricket Dust comprises of a range of tasty and nutritious vitamins and minerals to boost the intake of your reptile. Just sprinkle it on their livefood before you feed it, so it call goes down in one big tasty gulp!


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Product Information

You can increase the nutritional content of your reptile's livefood by applying an even coating of Komodo Cricket Dust to your reptile's crickets, locusts and mealworms, as well as other parts of their diet like their fruit and vegetables.

Made from 99% calcium carbonate, by dusting your reptile's food you are giving them an extra important dose of calcium, needed for the development and maintenance of their skeletal structure. Without it, they can suffer badly from deformities caused by Metabolic Bone Disease, often making calcium dust like is essential.

Just place your crickets or locusts in a freezer bag with a helping of Cricket Dust and lightly shake them, giving them a nice even coating before putting them in your reptile's enclosure.

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