Komodo Forest Jelly Pot Holder

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A natural piece of wood to hold your jelly pots in place inside your enclosure. This is a great alternative to most resin holders, providing a natural piece of decoration that is also practical.


  • Forest Jelly Holder
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Product Information

This piece of natural wood is cut down and perfectly ready for for holding small jelly pots. These are ideal for many species, and the natural piece will fit in with many enclosures styles. This provides not only a great security place for the jelly pots, to ensure they're not knocked over at all, but also raises them off the floor, which is great for geckos and other species.

This is a completely natural piece of wood that has been cut, and as such the dimension will vary from piece to piece. Average measurements are:

9cm x 7cm x 4cm (L x D x H)

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