Komodo Glass Terrarium

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This is a perfectly designed glass terrarium, which can be used for a variety of small species. It has easy access with both top and front panels, making this an ideal enclosure for most species.


  • Terrarium 30 x 30 x 30cm
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Product Information

These neat little glass terrariums come with access panels in both the top and the front, meaning it is easy to use and position wherever is best for you. The front doors are designed to slide open, and come with a lock to ensure its completely safe.

Included in this is also neat little cable access points, to ensure you can accurately measure the temperature and humidity, or place a thermostat probe if needed. There is ventilation coming from both the top mesh panel, and also from the sides as well. The top panel means that you can place either heat or light bulbs over the terrarium, and ensure you can get the perfect set up for whatever species you are keeping.

The glass itself sits in a frame which means it is raised slightly off the floor, which is perfect for installing a heat mat underneath if needed, so this really can be used for any habitat you need. The glass means that this is very easy to wipe down and clean, making it really hygenic.

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