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FLASH SALE - Get 10% off with code: FLASH

Komodo Green Tropical Vine Branch

A strong climbing aid and decoration

At a glance...
  • Decorative branch for arboreal climbers
  • Natural coating with a strong wire core
  • Mimics natural branches from many habitats
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These branches are easy to shape and can provide great naturalistic enrichment for your reptiles, giving a extra dimension into your vivarium. They allow your reptile to use all the space of the vivarium, which means they have more enrichment as well.

They come with a natural coating on them to prevent an injury, and are also easy to clean and hygienic. They are non-toxic, as well as being chew and rot resistant. They have a wire core, so are strong enough to stay in place once you've bent them into the perfect style for your reptile.

These come in two sizes, the small measuring a total height of 45cm, and the large totals in height at 70cm. The ends of the branches can be bent and spread out to suit the space you have available.

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