Komodo Halogen Spot Lamp

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Komodo Halogen Spot Lamps are vivarium heaters that kick out plenty of light and raise the temperature of your vivarium wherever you choice to direct the light - easy!


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Product Information

The Komodo Halogen Spot Lamp provides an intense and focused ray of heat for your reptile to bask under when they are feeling a little chilly.

Most reptiles evolved in much warmer climates than the UK, and therefore require the extra heat and light to both feel at home, as well as allow their body to operate normally, and Komodo Halogen Spot Lamps with ES fitting can help with that.

The halogen spot lamp provides a hot white light for brighter, warmer day times, allowing your reptile a place to bask in, warming their body and allowing their circulation system to work better.

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    Komodo Halogen Spot Lamp 75w
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    Worked for 10 minutes only.