Komodo Hanging Plant Ruscus

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Enhance your reptile's vivarium or terrarium with the Komodo Hanging Ruscus terrarium decoration and create an authentic atmosphere that is perfect for climbing and cover


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Product Information

The Komodo Ruscus is a realistic artificial vivarium plant that offers vivid green colouring and a detailed, attractive design. Characterised by its long elegant leaves in different shades of green this silk plant can easily be attached to the vivarium's ceiling, walls or wherever you like thanks to internal wiring and suspension sucker.

Reptiles like chameleons and crested geckos will love climbing on these leaves and they are perfect for tree frogs. The Komodo Ruscus Artificial Plant comes in three sizes - 12" (30cm), 16" (40cm) and 20" (50cm) - so you can take advantage of this beautiful reptile decor whatever size your viv may be.

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