Komodo Infrared Heat Lamp Screw Fitting

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Komodo Infrared Heat Lamp with E27 screw fitting emit a warming red light to keep your vivarium or terrarium heated. With less visible light, they won't mess around with your reptile's body clock as much as halogen lights.


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Product Information

A little different to normal reptile heat lamps, this Komodo Infrared Bulb (ES fitting) features a lower visible light intensity, allowing you to keep it heating your reptile's habitat throughout the night without upsetting your reptile's sleeping pattern, and also allowing nocturnal viewing too!

It produces plenty of heat to aid your reptile's health as well as a little red light, giving everything a cool-look, too.

Komodo Infrared Heat Lamps are available from Swell Reptiles in four wattages: 50w, 75w, 100w, 150w, allowing you plenty of choice for different habitat requirements.

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