Komodo Insect Enhancing Formula

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You are what you eat, and for your reptiles, their health depends on the quality of their food too. Increase the nutrient value of your reptile's insect food by gut-loading them with Komodo Insect Enhancing Formula, packing them with important vitamins and minerals.


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Product Information

You can make the most of every livefood insect your feed your reptile by gut-loading them with Komodo Insect Enhancing Formula - designed to be eaten up quickly by your feeder-insects before they are fed to your reptile, giving bearded dragons and other insect eating reptiles an enhanced meal.

Gut-loading with Komodo Insect Enhancing Formula gives your reptiles an extra dose of essential vitamins like A, D3 and E, and tastes of the cranberry, carrot and marigold they love. Its also a great source of calcium too, helping your reptile develop strong bones.

Order it from Swell Reptiles along with your livefood order to increase your reptile's dietary profile, all for a great price and with fast delivery.

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