Komodo Jelly Pot Rock Den

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A great new way to provide Jelly Pots to your reptiles, this cute little den provides a hidey space as well as a great practical use!


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Product Information

Made from a reptile safe high density resin, this is an easy to clean rock den that reptiles can safely and securely hide in to feel more relaxed. Coming in two sizes, this can suit many species, and also includes an optional handy jelly pot holder built in to the unit itself.

This den can be filled with substrate, or moss for a helpful shedding aid, and will create humidity to ensure your pet can shed efficiently. The natural rock den effect looks realistic in most environments, and is super safe to clean and disinfect easily.

The optional jelly pot can be left out to create a sneaky separate entrance that small snakes and geckos can take advantage off.

The small size measures 17cm in length, with an opening of 4 x 5cm. The larger size is 20cm, with an opening size of 5 x 7cm.

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