Komodo Liana Root

Create natural bridges and ladders for your reptile

At a glance...
  • Natural piece of Liana root for terrarium decoration
  • Perfect decor for forest terrariums
  • Strong enough to create climbing structures or bridges
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This natural Liana Root is made from renewable sources, and is 100% natural material. Every single piece of the Liana Root is individual, and can be easily cut down to suit any size terrarium. This is perfect for creating areas to hide, bask or climb, as well as being great for providing a rich, natural environment for many different species.

At 90cm long, this can be used whole in very large arboreal enclosures, or can be trimmed down to make smaller pieces if needed. When used with smaller flexible vines, this can create a canopy effect near the top of your enclosure, which is perfect for many rainforest species, including Chameleons, Day Geckos, Anoles, Iguanas and many other species.

Approximate size 90cm/35.5"*

*Please note this is a natural product and sizing may vary from piece to piece.

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