Komodo Light & Heat Guard

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These handy to use light and heat guards a revolution is reptile guards, offering an easy solution to protecting your reptiles in their enclosures. These allow you quick and easy access to change bulbs, whilst being thing and unobtrusive in the vivarium.


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Product Information

This new guard from Komodo allows for you to install the top section into the vivarium directly, and then easily screw on and off the guard attachment. This means that the unit is easily disabled in order to change bulbs should be they blow.

This uses a basic bayonnet fitting to hold the main part of the guard to the top, which is screwed directly into the vivarium, around the bulb holder. There are two choices in sizes, with varying lengths to suit your bulb choice, with 175mm and 210mm available. The diameter is the same for both, at 115mm.

These come in a simple black finish, and will suit most vivarium set ups, whilst protecting your reptile from touching the bulb directly, keeping both them, and you, safe.

Product Specification

Product Size
Komodo Guard 175mm 175mm x 115mm diameter
Komodo Guard 210mm 210mm x 115mm diameter

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