Komodo Natural Basking Platform

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A great natural basking platform for your reptile, providing them with the perfect place to sit and absorb some rays, both heat and UVB. A simple wooden platform that will look natural in any set up.


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Product Information

This new platform from Komodo provides your reptile a great place to bask on top, whilst also offering the option of a shaded area underneath, which really makes the full use of the space in your enclosure.

Made from natural wood source, this is flat packed, and simply needs the legs screwing on to build, and measures at 22cm x 30cm x 25cm when fully assembled. This is a natural and effective way to add enrichment and ensure that your reptile is making the most of their vivarium.

Product Specification

Product Size
Komodo Basking Platform 22 x 30 x 25cm

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    Date 29/12/2016 14:12pm
    Komodo Basking Platform
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    my dragon will love this product, and such a great price
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    Date 25/10/2017 08:10am
    Komodo Basking Platform
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    product is great however one of the legs for my basking platform didn't have a screw in it so it's missing one leg so unbalanced
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    Date 15/03/2018 10:03am
    Komodo Basking Platform
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    only one issue it felt quite loose after connecting so I ended up only screwing two legs and using it as a ramp which I’m still pleased with!