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Komodo Natural Tropical Tunnel - Brown

Create secret hideaways and bridges for your reptile

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At a glance...
  • Natural brown tropical tunnel decoration for your terrarium
  • Offers privacy and stimulation for reptiles
  • Perfect for creating visually-interesting bridges
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These tunnels provide safety and security to your rpetile, giving them somewhere to hide away and rest. There is a choice of sizes for you, with the small measuring 18cm long, with a tunnel width of 8cm. The large is around 22cm long, with the same 8cm width.

They each come with a small hole in, for easy access and quick escape, meaning your reptile will feel safer. They are a great natural alternative to having resin or plastic in your enclosure, and their rough texture can help with shedding. Available in natural brown or a green colour, these can be used a great variety of ways!

Product Length
Small 18cm
Large 22cm
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