Komodo NightGlow Spot Lamp

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Your reptile's nocturnal behaviour can be amazing, but viewing is difficult unless you use this Komodo NightGlow Spot Lamp - it mimics the glow of the moon, meaning your reptile will know it is night time, but you can still see what they are up to!


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Product Information

Help your reptile's day to night cycle by using a Komodo NightGlow Spot Lamp to imitate the dim yet comforting glow of the moon, allowing you to heat your reptile's habitat 24 hours a day while giving your reptile an established daytime and night-time to help their sleeping pattern.

Unlike most bulbs, with a Komodo NightGlow Spot Lamp 90% of the energy used is transmitted as heat rays rather than as visible light, meaning your reptile stays at their optimum temperature but gets a good night's sleep, as well as giving you a chance to better observe their nocturnal behaviour so such species where this applies.

This spot lamp uses an ES (Screw) fitting and is available in sizes 50w to 150w from Swell Reptiles.

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    Date 14/06/2016 08:06am
    Komodo Nightglow Spot Lamp 75w
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    Exactly what I expected
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    Date 06/04/2016 10:04am
    Komodo Nightglow Spot Lamp 100w
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    Good value
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    Date 14/11/2015 12:11pm
    Komodo Nightglow Spot Lamp 150w
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    Date 29/09/2015 12:09pm
    Komodo Nightglow Spot Lamp 75w
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