Komodo Revitalive

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Komodo Revitalive is perfect for nursing reptile back to health after a prolonged period of dehydration. Dehydration can affect all reptiles, so this can be an important thing to try to rectify quickly.


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Product Information

For reptiles experiencing the effects of prolonged dehydration, there are few better non-veterinary remedies than Komodo Revitalive - designed to help kick-start your reptile's digestive process after a lack of appetite or diarrhoea.

Getting your reptile back to normal digestion is an important part of the recovery from illness, giving them the chance to make the most of the essential nutrients in their food to get the back to full health.

Komodo Revitalive helps your reptile or amphibian get things up and running again, replenishing their electrolytes and vitamins for superb digestions. It comes as a dry powder with a 3ml pipette and a 40ml mixing bottle so you can drip feed this digestive stimulant straight into your reptile's mouth for guaranteed results.


  • 5 x Revitalive 2g Dry Powder
  • 40ml Mixing Bottle
  • 3ml Pipette
  • Full Instructions

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