Komodo Snake Starter Kit

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The Komodo Snake Starter Kit is aimed at those new to keeping reptiles and is ideal for corn snakes, milk snakes and king snakes. It features all the basic kit you need to keep a happy and healthy snake!


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Product Information

The Komodo Snake Starter Kit is designed for small snakes such as the colubrid family which includes the popular pets, king snake, milk snake and corn snake. It comes with a 40 x 30 x 35cm terrarium.

Ideal for beginners, the Komodo Snake Starter Kit is aimed at small snakes such as corn snakes and king snakes including the popular variety the milk snakes. These snakes known as colubrids are mostly native to the Americas, from Canada, across the USA right down to Central America. They are particularly common in the southern Mid Atlantic area - especially the Carolinas where the Carolina Corn Snake is found. In the Southern states, the king snake is also known as the rat snake. Because these snakes live in moderately warm woodland areas, this is the environment that is replicated in this kit.

The snake starter kit includes a Komodo top opening glass terrarium which allows you great viewing of your pet. The Aspen bedding is by far the most popular substrate for creating a woodland area - it is soft and woody but also a nice smooth wood that will not hurt or splinter the underside of your snake. The kit also includes some moss to give your pet that homely woodland feel as well as a den to hide in and a kidney shaped water dish.

Because these snakes are native to places that are only moderately warm (rather than say the rainforest or the desert) the kit does not include a scorching UVB lamp - instead it comes with a heat mat to ensure a gentle and consistent heat.

The kit includes:

  • Komodo glass terrarium 40 x 30 x 35cm
  • Heat mat
  • Den
  • Aspen bedding
  • Thermometer
  • Kidney dish
  • Comprehensive setup guide
  • Moss

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    Date 01/12/2018 07:12am
    Komodo Snake Starter Kit
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    Everything we needed to get started.
    Snake seems very happy in his home
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    Date 23/08/2016 22:08pm
    Komodo Snake Starter Kit
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    Date 17/12/2015 17:12pm
    Komodo Snake Starter Kit
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