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  • Many places to hide
  • Made from dense material
  • Easy to clean
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What is the Komodo T Rex Skull?

The Komodo T-Rex skull will add character to your reptile's vivarium and will add new dimensions to any setup.

Key features:

  • Adds a prehistoric feel to your vivarium
  • A place for reptiles to hide
  • Great for exploring through multiple access points
  • Adds character, a unique reptile decoration
  • Easy to clean due to the dense resin material
  • 26cm x 11cm x 13cm

What are the benefits of this decor?

Many places to hide due to the many access points and the material makes it easy to clean. Reptiles require a place where they can shelter and feel safe, especially when shedding. The Komodo T-Rex Skull is ideal for your reptiles to be able to hide away whenever they may need to, or even just explore through the multiple access points of the skull.

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