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Komodo T8 Fluorescent Controller

High-quality, efficient T8 terrarium bulb controller

At a glance...
  • T8 fluorescent lighting controller for T8 bulbs
  • Waterproof ballast for both dry and humid habitats
  • A variety of units with different Wattages
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More than reliable enough to look after your reptile's lighting, The Komodo T8 Fluorescent Controller is a vivarium ballast for powering a T8 fluorescent light tubes, including essential UV lighting for reptiles.

The controller is a high frequency electronic control unit to offer a continuous power supply, ensuring smooth running for your reptile. It eliminates tube flicker in a T8 tube and is suitable for use with T8 reflectors to maximise the amount of light energy your reptile receives, making it even more efficient.

The tube can be used in both arid and humid setups due to a high safety rating and waterproof nature. It comes ready with a three pin plug and has a simple on-off switch for ease of use too!

The Komodo light units will only power the wattage lamp stated on the unit.

I.E -

  • 10W unit = 10w T8 light tube
  • 15W unit = 15w T8 light tube
  • 18W unit = 18w T8 light tube
  • 25W unit = 25w T8 light tube
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