Komodo Fluorescent T8 UVB Bulb 5%

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Target the causes of MBD in your reptile by ensuring they have the correct UVB lighting in their environment. This Komodo Fluorescent T8 UVB Bulb 5% is perfect for rainforest reptiles and helps them use the calcium in their diet to build healthy bones and joints.


  • Fluorescent T8 UVB 5% 18w
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  • Fluorescent T8 UVB 5% 25w
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Product Information

Komodo aim to bring you products that emulate a reptile's natural environment as closely as possible and educate their customers as to the best ways to look after their pet. Their range of 5% UVB T8 fluorescent tubes will provide your reptile with the best levels of UVB and UVA, so you can be sure he is in peak condition.

The Komodo 5% UVB fluorescent tubes are ideal for forest and shade dwelling reptiles such as Water Dragons, Iguanas and Skinks. The lamps contain just the right amount of UVB to aid the production of the essential vitamin D3, which promotes healthy skeletal growth.

The tubes provide a high rate of UVA (Ultraviolet A rays), which are needed to boost the immune system, promote a vigorous appetite and make sure your reptile's eyes are super healthy.

T8 tubes are a great source of light, and will make sure that you can see your pet in its surroundings as clearly as possible. The clean, white light of the tube disseminates equally across the tank, thanks to its clever linear design.

You will need a light control unit to set up the light within your vivarium, here at Swell we also stock the Komodo T8 Light Control Unit, available in four sizes to suit each 5% tube.

Key Features:

  • Available in two wattages: 15 and 25 watts
  • 5% UVB to promote vitamin D3
  • High level of UVA
  • Pure, white light
  • Linear structure for an even distribution of light


  • 82287 15 watts - 46 x 3cm
  • 82289 25 watts - 76 x 3cm

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    Date 01/10/2021 09:10am
    Komodo Fluorescent T8 UVB 5% 25w
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    Perfect for my chameleon.
  • Rating
    Date 07/06/2017 01:06am
    Komodo Fluorescent T8 UVB 5% 25W
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    Exactly what I ordered would highly recommend
  • Rating
    Date 16/04/2015 13:04pm
    Komodo Fluorescent T8 UVB 5% 25W
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    As expected
  • Rating
    Date 13/02/2015 10:02am
    Komodo Fluorescent T8 UVB 5% 18W
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    Very good