Komodo Terraced Dish Large

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Komodo Terraced Dish large can be purchased in either brown or grey to suit your existing reptile home's decoration, and makes a natural looking addition to any enclosure. Resin based so easy to clean and maintain too.


  • Terraced Dish Large Brown
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  • Terraced Dish Large Grey
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Product Information

Available in two different (Brown & Grey) to suit a variety of captive reptile habitats, this Komodo Terraced Dish in Large is ready to be despatched to your address from Swell Reptiles at a great price.

Your reptile needs to feed, however it is rare that food can simply be thrown into the vivarium as this may cause the food to mix with your reptile's substrate, and then ingested by your reptile causing problems like impaction which can be dangerous.

Instead, you can use this Terraced Dish as a feeding platform for your reptile, raised high above the substrate with handy terraced steps for easy access.

At a glance:

  • Can be used for food or water
  • Available in two colours
  • Terraced (steps) sides
  • Strong, heavy and durable
  • Perfect for desert or rainforest habitats

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    Date 04/09/2020 13:09pm
    Komodo Terraced Dish Large Brown
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    Got this as a trial for my tortoise as its raised less dirt is dragged through. Shape not really ideal for tortoise, but great dish for intended reptiles.
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    Date 19/12/2014 07:12am
    Komodo Terraced Dish large brown
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