Komodo Tortoise Topper Supplements

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A great way to add extra nutrition to your tortoises diet, with the simple addition of a topper to their normal diet.


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Product Information

Available in a herbal, fruit & veg, or flower pack, these toppers provide a level of additional nutrition to your tortoises normal diet. They are packed full of fruits, flowers and herbs, and encourage fussy eaters, with the bright colours and fragrant smells.

Tortoise Topper Flower - 35g Pack

Tortoise Topper Herbal - 40g Pack

Tortoise Topper Fruit & Veg - 50g Pack

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    Date 17/11/2020 16:11pm
    Komodo Tortoise Topper Fruit & Veg 50g
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    Great product, excellent service, quality tortoise food.