Komodo Turtle Ramp

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The Komodo Turtle Ramp is a sturdy basking platform for turtles that allows them to easily get in and out of the water, ensuring that they can move around their terrarium without your vigilant help. Made from safe materials, there are no worries about chemicals and toxins with this ramp.


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Product Information

The Komodo Turtle Ramp is not only a great way to enable your turtle easy access in and out of the water, but your pet will also love basking on it.

The ramp is covered in a kind of "astro turf" for easy grip and has suckers on both ends so you can secure it to the sides of your terrarium.

By providing a basking platform your turtles can get the UV rays they require to keep them healthy.

The top of the platform is horizontal and the ramp is at 45 degrees.

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