Komodo Wide Entrance Rock Den

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Komodo Wide Entrance Rock Den makes the perfect vivarium decoration for a desert, jungle or woodland habitat. It has a wide opening so is ideal for broader animals like tortoises and because it's so heavy it won't tip over.


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Product Information

The Komodo Rock Den is a perfect hide for smaller snakes and lizards. They are a heavy, strong and durable rock that really does have a "rocky" feel to it.

If you put some moist sphagnum moss inside it will create a nice little humid den and encourage your reptile to shed its old skin.

The two available colours will work whatever habitat you have. For a leopard gecko, Uromastyx or bearded dragon you may prefer the brown colour to create a natural looking desert habitat. Whereas the grey would make a nice rocky feature in a rainforest environment that will be enjoyed by crested geckos and tree frogs.

Hides are important to many snakes and lizards because without a place where they can feel safe and secure with a sense of privacy they can become stressed and unwell. It is also helpful to encourage a place for them to shed.

At a glance:

  • Perfect for reptile to hide in and aids shedding
  • Heavy and durable
  • Perfect in a rainforest or desert habitat
  • Available in two natural colours - brown and grey
  • Hygienic, easy to clean


  • Small: 18cm x 16cm x 6.5cm high, entrance 9cm x 4cm high.
  • Medium: 22cm x 17cm x 8cm high, entrance 8.5cm x 5cm high.
  • Large:
  • X-Large: 33cm x 28cm x 11cm high, entrance 9.5cm x 6cm high.

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