Lucky Reptile Amphib Sun

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Lucky Reptile Amphib Sun is a fantastic LED reptile light designed to give amphibians the type of light they need to thrive. With low energy consumption and a great life-span, this lamp can really save you money in the long run.


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Product Information

An LED without the fuss of new equipment, the Lucky Reptile Amphib Sun LED lamp has been developed for use with amphibian species in captivity, giving them brilliant lighting to move around and giving you the light to view them by, without any heat discharge from the lamp and very low electricity costs.

The Lucky Reptile Amphib Sun LED bulb screws straight into an E27 (screw) socket, negating the need to buy new power units, and uses just 3 watts of electricity, making them far more efficient than normal fluorescent bulbs which waste energy by giving off heat.

Perfect for providing light with a daylight spectrum to amphibians without interfering with their heating equipment.

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