Lucky Reptile Bearded Dragon Mix

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Form a better and more varied diet for your beardie by feeding them Lucky Reptile Bearded Dragon Mix - stuffed full of nutritious and natural sources of proteins, vitamins and minerals - tasty stuff!


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Product Information

Lucky Reptile's Bearded Dragon Mix is a great dried food for your bearded dragon, packed full of tasty fruits, flowers or insects to give your dragon all the nutrients it needs to thrive rather than just survive.

Ever the enthusiastic feeders, Bearded Dragons get through their food with gusto, and this bearded dragon mix will be no different, full of tastes they love and nutrients they need. You can even mix it with a little water to rehydrate the food, making it more aromatic and juicy for their taste buds.

There are 2 different versions too, one for adults and one for juvenile beardies, with the juvenile mix containing more insects to give them the protein they need for growth.

Its extremely nutritious, so feed them it sparingly along with their usual diet of livefood and fresh greens.

Adult: crude protein 19.2%, fat content 5.5%, crude fibres 10.6%

Juvenile: crude protein 29.8%, fat content 9.6%, crude fibres 8.7%

At a glance:

  • Balanced diet for bearded dragons
  • Includes insects, vegetable, fruit and flowers
  • Can be served wet or dry
  • Available in Adult or Juvenile
  • Optimal levels of protein, fat and fibre

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