Lucky Reptile Bio Calcium Sepia Crushed

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Lucky Reptile Bio Calcium Sepia Bone is a natural cuttlefish bone in bite-sized pieces that provides great calcium to your reptile, needed for the growth and maintenance of healthy bones and shells.


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Product Information

As natural as calcium supplements for reptiles and birds get, this Lucky Reptile Bio Calcium Sepia Crushed Bones are ideal for giving pets who require an extra calcium boost a natural source of that all important mineral.

Calcium is incredibly important to most reptiles - it's one of the main building blocks of their bones and shells, and without it they can develop problems such as deformities which can be painful and even lead to death in extreme circumstances.

Made from crushed cuttlefish bone, this 100g pack is crushed rather than whole, allowing younger or smaller reptiles to take a bit of a natural source, rich in calcium.

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