Lucky Reptile Bio Calcium Sepia Powder 50g

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For reptiles that don't have strong enough beaks to chew through bone, this Lucky Reptile Bio Calcium Sepia Powder can be sprinkled onto your reptile's food to provide a healthy and natural source of essential calcium in their diet, leading to stronger bone structures.


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Made from natural cuttlefish bones - an excellent source of calcium - these Lucky Reptile Bio Calcium Sepia Powder packets come at a great price from Swell Reptiles to give your reptile a healthy dose of extra calcium in their diet.

By ensuring your reptile has enough calcium, you are allowing their bones and shells to develop more naturally and healthily, keeping problems like metabolic bone disease at bay, which can be painful for your reptile, and in extreme cases, fatal.

Great for turtles, tortoises, lizards and birds, it is easily added to their food by either sprinkling onto their normal food or on to livefoods like crickets or locusts, allowing the calcium to be ingested into their bodies with their ordinary diet.

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