Lucky Reptile Bright Sun UV Jungle

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Producing a great amount of UVA and UVB , the Lucky Reptile Bright Sun UV Jungle is a metal halide lamp designed for rainforest reptiles. It comes with a six month guarantee and dishes out a tailor made quantity of light to benefit the health of tropical reptiles.


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Product Information

The Lucky Reptile Bright Sun UV Jungle lamps are perfect for those reptiles who hail from more shady ground such as the Rainforest.

The metal Halide housing is an energy efficient, modern design and allows the maximum light output. The lamp will fill your terrarium or tank with pure, healthy light that will promote the best development in your pet.

UVB is necessary for reptiles to allow the production of Vitamin D for healthy bone growth, whilst the UVA stimulates appetite and healthy, clear eyes and skin. All of which make for a thriving reptile.

The Jungle Lamps won't work without the full range of equipment, so it must be used in conjunction with the lamp holder the Thermo Socket Pro, and the Bright Sun Control Ballast. Both of which are made by Lucky Reptile and designed to give the best performance from your Bright Sun Lamp.

The Bright Sun range also has other lamps such as the Bright Sun Flood range, as well as the Desert UV lamp.

Recommended distance 20- 35 cm

Key Features:

  • 50 watts
  • Powerful source of UVB, UVA, heat and light.
  • Perfect UVA wavelength
  • Must be used with the Lucky Reptile Bright Sun Control and the Thermo Socket Pro lamp holder
  • Energy efficient
  • Can be used as a sole light source
  • 1 year guarantee

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