Lucky Reptile Cannabis Bedding

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Lucky Reptile Cannabis Bedding is a fantastic substrate favoured by keepers of many different species of reptile. Known for it


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Product Information

Lucky Reptile Cannabis Bedding is based on concentrated hemp and expands if water is added.

If water is added the concentrate swells up to about 5 times its volume.

It is excellent for all tortoises and desert type reptiles like collared lizards, bearded dragons and uromastyx.

Burrowing reptiles will love this substrate as well, thanks to its good water retaining abilities, it can also be used for reptiles from more humid regions.

Contrary to sand or beech wood litter, Reptile Cannabis Bedding can be digested and is therefore safe if accidentally eaten by the animals.

  • Small: 4 litre for up to 15 litres of substrate
  • Large: 12 litre for up to 50 litres of substrate

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