Lucky Reptile Coco Dish

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The Lucky Reptile Coco Dish is a natural coconut (not just the kernel, also the main husk) which makes a perfect water dish for your reptile. It's difficult to imagine a more natural and safe waterdish for your reptile, and it comes at a low price from Swell Reptiles.


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Product Information

The Lucky Reptile Coco Dish is a natural water dish made out of half of a whole coconut, not just the kernel. It has been shaped so it has a flat base.

Because of its exotic origins the Coco Dish is perfect for a rainforest terrarium such as for a crested gecko or chameleon, but also for a desert setup like for a bearded dragon and it can also work in a woodland habitat.

Order yours from Swell Reptiles to give your little friend an all-natural water bowl, with Next Working Day Delivery.

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