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Spend and Save up to £15 this Christmas - SEE CODES. >

Lucky Reptile Cozy Cave

Reptile cave perfect for snakes, small lizards and other species

At a glance...
  • Stable reptile cave that provides a tight hiding place
  • Natural pebble look, integrates in any type of terrarium
  • Four sizes available to suit your reptile
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Lucky Reptile Cozy Cave makes an excellent terrarium decoration for snake setups and lizard setups.

What is Lucky Reptile Cozy Cave?

Lucky Reptile Cozy Cave is a low reptile hide with a natural pebble effect that blends into any habitat seamlessly. Designed to offer security to reptile species that prefer a hiding place for privacy, this reptile cave is suitable for Leopard geckos, Corn snakes and is great for nocturnal species. With four sizes to suit your terrarium, Lucky Reptile Cozy Cave is easy to clean and weighted to prevent it from tipping over.

What are the benefits of reptile hides and caves?

Adding hides and caves to a reptile enclosure can enhance its appearance since these features are often ornamental. They are great for reptiles and amphibians because they promote natural behaviours such as investigating and hunting plus aid shedding. Lucky Reptile Cozy Cave provides shelter preventing stress and a cooler area in your terrarium or vivarium.

Size Dimensions
Mini L:11 x W:6 x H:4.5cm
Small L:16.8 x W:9.8 x H:6.5cm
Medium L:23 x W:16.5 x H:7.5cm
Large L:28.2 x W:23.5 x H:10cm
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