Lucky Reptile Desert Bush

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Simple beauty, this Lucky Reptile Desert Bush is actually artificial, and therefore doesn


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Product Information

Lucky Reptile Desert Bush are the perfect natural decoration for a desert vivarium and are especially good in vivs for bearded dragons, leopard geckos and scorpions. They are small filigree bushes that have an authentic desert look about them.


Lucky Reptile Desert Bush are ideal natural decorations for any viv based on a desert, savannah or arid environment.

They are around 15-20cm in length and available in two variations - natural and bleached. The bleached still looks natural - like it has been sun bleached in the desert.

Reptiles will enjoy using the bush as a hide or shelter. Providing reptiles like beardies, geckos and snakes with somewhere where they can feel private and safe has been proven to keep their stress levels down.

Best of all this is a natural bush, but also a unique and interesting piece of decor that will give that exotic look to your reptile's habitat.

At a glance:

  • Natural decor
  • Makes a great reptile hide
  • Available natural or bleached
  • Ideal for bearded dragons or leopard geckos
  • Perfect for snakes and scorpions

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