Lucky Reptile Dripper

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Many arboreal reptiles like to drink their water in the safety of the canopy, and you can allow them to do that with a Lucky Reptile Dripper, allowing water to be pumped up to the top of your terrarium and drank from there, rather than on the "forest floor".


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Product Information

Rather than a water bowl, some reptiles (especially arboreal reps) like to take their water from sources that aren't at ground level, and this Lucky Reptile Dripper is perfect for just that, not only providing a steady supply of water higher up in your terrarium, but also adding to the natural look and feel of your reptile's habitat.

The Lucky Reptiles dripper is made from Reptile-safe materials and looks just like a natural tree-trunk, allowing water to be pumped up the trunk on the inside, and then trickle down the trunk allowing your reptile to lick at it like they would do in the wild.

It features a generous 1 litre reservoir to keep your reptiles hydrated and of course also doubles as climbing equipment for your reptile! Its available at Swell Reptiles at a discounted price too, with Next Working Day delivery options too!

Dimensions: 28.6 x 24.2 x 15.4 cm

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