Lucky Reptile Eco Bark

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Lucky Reptile Eco Bark has been developed to act as a fantastically effective and natural substrate. Featuring a great absorption rate and little to no chemicals in it's composition, it is sold at a surprisingly low price here at Swell Reptiles.


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Product Information

Lucky Reptile Eco Bark is a fantastic reptile substrate mix based on German Pine bark (less etherical oils), designed for the optimisation of your terrarium reptile habitat.

With a high rate of humidity absorption and waste-binding inside your terrarium, it covers up bad odours produced by your reptile more easily.

Produced by an intelligent manufacturing process, the Eco Bark substrate is uniform in grain size and contains minimal dust and dirt, leaving a purer substrate for your use.

With a slightly red colouring, it is a vibrant aesthetic addition to your reptile's habitat and decays very slowly for a long lasting effect - in fact it shouldn't mould at all in a well-ventilated terrarium.

All this makes it the perfect substrate for reptiles of tropical origin as well as most snakes and tortoises.

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