Lucky Reptile Egg-O-Bator

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Superbly popular with children who want to learn about reptile breeding, this Lucky Reptile Egg-O-Bator is a fantastic egg incubation system that takes care of reptile eggs right through to hatching, at a great price from Swell Reptiles.


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Product Information

The Lucky Reptile Egg-O-Bator is a reptile egg incubator with a fun design - great for teaching kids about reptile breeding, as well as being a fantastically functional as an egg care system.

A Plug-In-And-Play incubator, the Lucky Reptile Egg-O-Bator is easy to use - just plug it into your mains supply and select the temperature you want to maintain your eggs in.

Its fun egg-shaped design is more attractive to children, helping to generate their interest in the breeding programme you are undertaking, giving this incubator a little educational edge over other, more conventional models. It even comes with fun reptile stickers for your children to place where they want!

Complete with 3 cricket tubs for feeding, it is perfect for smaller reptiles like leopard and crested geckos.

Each purchase comes at the best possible price, and includes an extensive manual with tips on breeding to help make your programme successful.

At a glance:

  • Ideal for beginners and kids love the fun design
  • Only 5w so low power consumption
  • 4 litre capacity
  • Ideal for small reptiles
  • Simple to use

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