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Lucky Reptile Flower Mix Hibiscus 50g

Tasty flowers to satisfy the nutritional needs of a range of different reptiles

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At a glance...
  • Contains different kinds of dried flowers that reptiles love
  • Rich in crude fibre and natural vitamins
  • Excellent for Tortoises, Bearded dragons, Iguanas, Uromastyx
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You can easily and affordably augment your reptile's diet with hibiscus by grabbing a box of this tasty and nutritious Lucky Reptile Flower Mix Hibiscus, packed full of dried hibiscus as well as a little red clover and other flowers for extra taste and nutrition.

Without reptile food supplements like this Lucky Reptile Hibiscus Flower Mix it can be difficult to ensure that your reptile's diet includes everything that your reptile needs to thrive.

This reptile food is full of natural minerals as well as bioactive substances that help your reptile stay healthy and happy, allowing them to live out their natural instincts with ease and pleasure when combined with their usual diet, and it is sold at a low price at Swell Reptiles with Next Working Day delivery options available.

Composition: Blossoms of hibiscus (50%), red clover, sunflower, dandelion and daisy.

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