Lucky Reptile Fly Feeder

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The Lucky Reptile Fly Feeder is ideal for helping to feed your reptiles, mainly for small prey items such as fruit flies, curly flies or similar. Just breed them in the tub and leave in the enclosure for feeding!


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Product Information

This Fly Feeder means you can simply and easily feed flies to your reptiles, which can sometimes be a difficult task. Ideally, set up your pupea or culture in the container, and as the flies start to emerge, place the unit into your reptile enclosure and open it up, meaning the flies will start to come out, and your reptiles can feed freely, with a slow and controlled escape of the flies.

This will work with many species of flies, even waxworms and bluebottles, and is easy to set up and use, giving you better control when feeding your reptiles.

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