Lucky Reptile Halogen Sun LV 2 bulbs

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A money-saving pack of 2 Halogen Sun LV bulbs, these lamps shine intense UVA light onto your reptile to help increase the ambient air temperature - perfect for secondary lighting in your vivarium.


  • Halogen Sun LV 2 bulbs 2x35w
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Product Information

With only a 12v operating voltage, these surprisingly powerful vivarium lid lights are available in packs of 2 - Lucky reptile Halogen Sun LV bulbs are available from Swell Reptiles at a fantastic price.

With an average life-span of around 2000 hours, they are long lasting and offer you great value for money when it comes to setting up your vivarium lighting, available with fast delivery from Swell Reptiles.

Each one features clever internal reflectors, which ensure that all the light created by these LV bulbs is directed down to your reptile, ensuring none of the energy you pay for is wasted.

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