Lucky Reptile Halogen Sun Mini

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No matter how small your reptile is, you still need to replicate the sun's rays, and you can do it with this Lucky Reptile Halogen Sun Mini, giving you pet a healthy dose of warming UVA light.


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Product Information

Compact, affordable and surprisingly powerful, the Lucky Reptile Halogen Sun Mini is a great little spot lamp for smaller reptile terrariums, kicking out plenty of visible light and essential heat to help simulate your reptile's natural habitat.

It features internal reflectors too, helping to direct more of the light down into your reptile's habitat, making more efficient use of the electricity you pay for than many other halogen bulbs.

A Halogen lamp, it is more efficient than a normal bulb, requiring less electrical input and radiating more heat and light in the process.

*Suitable for E27 fittings

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    Lucky Reptile Halogen Sun Mini 2 x 20w
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