Lucky Reptile Heat Pack

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This Lucky Reptile Heat pack is great to keep on standby for trips to the vets. It is unlikely you will be able to take your whole vivarium with you, and instead a smaller plastic one might be used, which you can keep warm for your reptile using this handy pack.


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While there are plenty of reptile heating products for your pet when they are at home in their terrarium or vivarium, heating on-the-move is important too, and Lucky Reptile Heat Packs are often the way forward.

Your reptile needs heat to thermos-regulate, improving digestion, circulation and metabolic function. Without it, your reptile can really begin to suffer quickly, which can be a problem on long trips to the vets or when moving home!

Lucky Reptile Heat Packs provide a convenient and cost-effective solution - they warm up when in contact with oxygen, providing a gentle heat for your reptile to keep close to on essential journeys.

Suitable for any carrier where there is plenty of airflow (not Styrofoam boxes - no airflow), these Heat Packs have a long period of warmth and a steady temperature that won't put your reptile at risk.

Order yours from Swell Reptiles at the best price, and if your trip is coming up quickly, make sure you order before 2pm weekdays and we will despatch your order the very same day with Next Working Day Delivery options.

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