Lucky Reptile Herp Diner Bearded Dragon Blend

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Lucky Reptile's Herp Diner Bearded Dragon Blend has the satisfaction of your beardie in mind. Help complete their diet with this fantastic mix of healthy ingredients designed to balance out their diet, ensuring they get a bit of everything they need to grow and develop right.


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Product Information

Made especially to cater for the varied tastes and nutritional requirements of your much-loved Bearded Dragon, this Lucky Reptile Herp Diner Blend is just for them!

Each one is packed full of pre-cooked insects, including beardie favourites like Locusts, Grasshoppers and crickets, making a tasty blend for even the fussiest dragon.

The extra protein, fat and calcium in this dish make it a great food supplement for your beardie, either placed in their food bowl with their daily veg or given as a treat once in a while, they will love the taste and when it's given in moderation, their health can really benefit for the extra nutrients.

Cooked and dried to destroy any potential parasites commonly carried by insects, the Herp Diner Bearded Dragon Blend is safer than feeding your reptile livefood, however we know they won't say no to a live one every now and again, too.

At a glance:

  • Contains cooked insects
  • Eagerly and easily fed from feeding dish or tweezers
  • Includes large locusts, superworms, grasshoppers and mole crickets
  • Cuttlefish bone powder for extra calcium
  • Parasites killed during cooking process

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