Lucky Reptile Herp Diner Crickets

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Satisfy the hunger of your insect eating reptile or bird with Lucky Reptile Herp Diner Crickets. The special addition of cuttlefish bone powder gives this canned food a dose of beneficial calcium for strong bone development.


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Product Information

Great for cricket loving reptiles who might have slowed up a little, or just as an easy treat, these Lucky reptile Herp Diner Crickets are cooked and dried before being sealed and packaged to keep them fresh and parasite free.

Their taste is more than retained, as are the essential nutrients that benefit your reptile in this delicious reptile food supplement, great for insect-eating friends like Bearded Dragons.

They come in two different sizes too, to cater for reptiles with different appetites, the small size being best suited to turtles and bearded dragons, while the larger size makes an ample snack for larger reps and even birds too.

Each can comes with the addition of calcium for the added cuttlefish bone powder - a natural source of calcium that helps fend off problems like MBD.

Moisture content 68%, crude protein 16.5%, fat content 8.5%, crude fibres 3.5%, calcium/phosphorus ratio 4:1.5

Each 'crickets + calcium' tin contains approximately 60 large crickets, cooked.

Each 'small crickets' tin contains approximately 120 small crickets, cooked.

At a glance:

  • Contains cooked crickets
  • Ideal for most insect eating lizards and birds
  • Perfect addition to the diet of turtles
  • Contains cuttlefish bone powder as a great source of calcium
  • Easy-to-use can with re-sealable lid for easy and convenient feeding

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