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Lucky Reptile Herp Diner Insect Blend 35g

A firm favourite with insect eating reptiles

At a glance...
  • Contains large crickets, medium locust and bamboo worms
  • Great for bearded dragons and large turtles
  • Re-sealable can for convenient feeding
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A great all-round food supplement for reptiles, the Lucky Reptile Herp Diner Insect Blend has a little bit of each of your reptile's favourite insects, and is suitable for most insect-eating birds too!

Each 35g can features cooked versions or reptile delicacies like large crickets, bamboo worms, grasshoppers and medium locust - it's the amazing mixed buffet for herps, and enjoyed by most predatory lizards, snakes and even turtles.

Mix this with their usual food or feed as an occasional snack - either way, each can of insects is fortified with calcium powder made from cuttlefish bone, helping your reptile to an extra source of essential bone-making material.

Constituents: Moisture content 72.8%, crude protein 14.6%, fat content 9%, crude fibres 2.8%, calcium/phosphorus ratio 6:1.5

At a glance:

  • Contains large crickets, medium locusts, grasshoppers and bamboo worms.
  • Extra Calcium powder.
  • Special cooking process preserves nutrients.
  • Great for bearded dragons and large turtles.
  • Re-sealable can for convenient feeding.
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