Lucky Reptile Herp Diner Turtle Blend

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Whether it's a baby turtle or an adult turtle you want to feed, Lucky Reptile Herp Diner Turtle Blend has it covered with two varieties of tasty food that your turtle will love to eat!


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Product Information

Lucky Reptile Herp Diner Turtle blend is a simply superb way to supplement your turtle's diet, giving a fantastic boost of protein, essential fats and calcium - all a priority in any reptile diet.

Each can of Turtle Blend is full of earthworms, crickets and large shrimps, cooked to seal in the natural flavours your turtle loves, as well as make the insects safer for consumption by your reptile.

Lucky reptile know turtles well, and have added natural sources of calcium into this treat, allowing your turtle to more easily develop a strong, hard and healthy shell and fend off MBD.

Available in two varieties:

Turtle Blend Adult

Moisture content 70.5%, crude protein 16.7%, fat content 2.5%, crude fibres 3.4%, calcium/phosphorus ratio 4:1

Turtle Blend Baby

Moisture content 69.8%, crude protein 17.5%, fat content 3.5%, crude fibres 3.3%, calcium/phoshorus ratio 4:1

At a glance:

  • Perfect blend of feeding animals for a turtle diet
  • Adult contains large shrimps, earthworms and crickets
  • Baby contains small shrimps, fly larvaes and freshwater snails
  • Added cuttlefish bone powder in both for increased calcium content
  • Re-sealable tin for easy feeding

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