Lucky Reptile Herp Haven Plastic Terrarium

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Keeping a Lucky Reptile Herp Haven Plastic Terrarium handy means that emergency trips to the vets or temporary housing due to disease can be done safely and without fuss - a simply great temporary reptile home.


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Product Information

Surplus to your normal reptile setup of a vivarium or terrarium, its always good to keep a Lucky Reptile Herp Haven handy.

Each Herp Haven is a plastic terrarium for temporary reptile habitation, perfect for raising juvenile reptiles, quarantining sick or injured reptiles of for taking your pets on those essential trips to the vets.

With a wide ranges of sizes available, you are sure to find one suitable for your reptile, or one to make a more permanent home for your invertebrate like a spider or scorpion. Each one is well ventilated and allows you to monitor your pet's physical state easily due to the transparent plastic that make the walls and the feeding hatch on the top.

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Lucky Reptile Herp Haven Medium 29.5 x 19.5 x 20cm PT-3

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