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Lucky Reptile Herp Tools - 3 Pipettes

Plastic pipettes are excellent for dosing water or supplements

At a glance...
  • Accurately add supplements or provide drinking water with pipettes
  • Soft plastic tube minimises the risk of injury
  • Each pack contains 3 pipettes
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Administering medicine and other liquid food supplements to your reptile can be difficult without using these handy Lucky Reptile Herp Tools - Pipettes.

Available in packs of 3, these pipettes are affordably priced and can easily be used to measure-out medicines and other liquids, and then drip into your reptile's mouth or on to their food.

Especially useful if your reptile has been unwell and needs to be gently weaned back onto their food, these pipettes are affordably priced at Swell Reptiles.

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