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Lucky Reptile Insect Tarrium 5 litre

Tarrium to keep bugs and insects

At a glance...
  • Watertight insect jar
  • Features LED lighting
  • Houses Mantids, Stick insects, Beetles, Spiders and more
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Different to an insect terrarium or faunarium, this Lucky Reptile Tarrium looks far more unique and allows the viewing of your invertebrates to be more exciting. Invertebrates make a great pet in the UK, due to not requiring any further heat in most households, so this is a complete kit ready to go, just add substrate and decor!

With its' classic 'Old Sweet Jar' look, your insect or arachnid keeping hobby looks even more fashionable and interesting, and it also allows for 360° viewing.

A water tight jar with a secure, ventilated lid that contains energy efficient LED lighting (0.5w), the Lucky Reptile Insect Tarrium is perfect for keeping most inverts healthy in a beautiful looking and well-lit environment.

You can even keep things like tadpoles inside too - this Tarrium features an automatic day-night sensor, meaning it will activate and de-activate the lights as needed, and also a powerful daylight LED to allow your Tarrium plants to thrive in their strikingly beautiful home. It even has blue 'Moonlight' LEDs to simulate the night sky.

Hygienic and easy to clean, a great choice for inverts!


15cm x 15cm x 25cm

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